Where does he get those wonderful toys


In the old Batman movie with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, the Joker makes a comment about Batman’s gadgets and gizmos, saying “Where does he get those wonderful toys…”

And to be honest, I’m feeling a bit like Bruce Wayne / Batman at the moment myself. Before you jump to conclusions – no I haven’t gone out and purchased a Spandex suit with pre-moulded muscles (although that would be kinda cool). But I have recently been lucky enough to get a few nifty toys of my own.

As a Christmas bonus my company splurged and bought me a new 42″ Panasonic Viera Full HD (1080p) Plasma TV. Then for my birthday a couple of months ago Kristy bought me a TomTom GO 720 portable GPS / Sat Nav (which is great for me since I can’t find my way out of a paper bag without it). I also received a PS3 as a combined birthday gift from my company and Glen and Odette and to top it all off, my mobile phone contract expired a couple of months ago and I replaced my old phone with a nice nifty Palm Treo PDA/Smartphone.

This post probably sounds incredibly conceited as I boast about all my geeky gadgets and gizmos, but the reason I’m sharing this info is that I honestly don’t believe I’d have any of this… nor my new house… or my up-and-coming holiday… if I didn’t visualise having these things in the first place.

Now I’m not into hippie philosophies, I don’t believe that ‘magic happens’ and I still don’t really have much faith in destiny or fate… but I do believe you are responsible (at least in part) for a lot of the seemingly lucky opportunities that present themselves.

I knew I wanted each of these things and I knew that at some stage I would eventually have them. I didn’t know exactly how or when, but they were always on my ‘radar’ so that when the opportunity presented itself, I’d be ready watching-out for it.

It’s like if you decide you want to buy a blue car… the moment you make that conscious decision, you’ll suddenly start to notice just how many blue cars there are on the roads. You’ll also start to see a lot more cars of the same make and model that you’re planning on buying.

This doesn’t mean that there are more of them out there than there were a few weeks ago prior to you making the decision, it simply means that you’re suddenly aware that they exist and are a lot more likely to notice them.

The same applies to anything you want. If you make a decision you’re going to get something (even if it takes months or even years of hard work and saving to buy it), you’ll be in the right mindset to see bargains and opportunities to make your dream a reality. Some people think “I’d never be able to afford that” or “I’ll never get one of those” and they are right. If they believe that, then they never will get that item.

One final thing I should probably make clear. While it is important to visualise owning those items you wish you could have, it won’t happen just by dreaming about it. You still need to put in the work and effort to make it happen, you’ll simply be more perceptive for when the time is right to make it so.

Wow… this post ended-up being a lot deeper than I anticipated… I better back this up with a post on fart jokes so you know it’s really me at the other end of the keyboard


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