What a week


Normally I try and keep comments about my work to a minimum, but after this week, I’m pretty drained and would like to share why….

Over the past week I’ve been settling into a new office. It’s still a home-office, but it’s not at my home, so I’m commuting to work everyday which is quite refreshing (instead of waking-up, making a coffee and then walking into the next room to start work). There’s still a few things that we need to sort-out, but generally speaking, it’s all good.

Over the past week Kristy’s Mum has had car trouble, so Kristy lent her car to her, so I’ve been getting-up a little earlier to drop Kristy at work…

But neither the new office or Kristy’s Mums car trouble have really been an issue… what’s been really draining me is a new client that just signed-up.

To cut a long story short, I had a couple of days to move a large, database driven website designed specifically to run on a system that wasn’t ours and had to do so with limited info on the functionality of the site and limited access to passwords and other details. The client had no idea about any of these technical challenges and was moving from a previous host who was fairly dirty about the client moving away from them, so they weren’t particularly forthcoming with assistance. To matters worse, the host was going to cut the client off at the end of the week and the client was embarking on a 5 week overseas trip the following day.

None of the above information was presented to me straight away either… I only found out the day I received the website files that the site was going to be cut-off in 48 hours… it was only then I discovered that it required server technology that we currently didn’t support (meaning I had to make it work)… then the next day I found that the client was going overseas… etc. etc.

So there were a few late nights, plenty of caffeine and lots of banging my head on the desk everytime I’d discover another problem that wasn’t mentioned to me earlier – in the end I got it all working and now I’m just holding my breath hoping that there aren’t any other problems that pop-up whilst the client is away.


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