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Many years ago I attempted doing an IT degree at Griffith Uni and got most of the way through, but didn’t quite get it finished.

In the final year of the degree you’re required to do a full-year project which is contributed by local businesses to give the students real-world experience in designing and implementing a system for an actual company.

One of my business partners is still reasonably closely associated with the Uni and invited me to last year’s final project demonstrations. I was quite impressed, so I put my company’s details forward to have a system designed to more effectively manage my clients web hosting services.

Not long after submitting my details I was assigned a project group and although they didn’t instil much confidence from the initial meetings I figured that they’d improve if they wanted to pass the subject…

But no… the communication with them was atrocious – I had to explain to them the same things a dozen times before things would even remotely resemble what I had asked for. They needed guidance and assistance with common things like how to create a database connection and overall didn’t really seem to be making any progress.

To cut a long story short (which is something I rarely do… a trait I thank my parents for)… they had their final presentation last week and in the days leading-up to the presentation they still were no where near having everything finished, but on the day they actually didn’t do a bad job. I almost fell off my chair.

The other great thing was that I arrived fairly early (before the students got there) and I ended-up chatting for about 20mins with the assessor who was a really cool guy and after the presentation we chatted for a while longer – he studied around the same time I did and has a passion for trying to improve the way IT is delivered to students in an attempt to create more skilled and dedicated IT graduates.

He was so passionate and convincing in his pursuits, that if I had more time I would seriously consider devoting it to a similar cause.


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