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The week worth of storms has hopefully passed (there are reports that we’re still in for some more rain, but hopefully it won’t be anywhere near as bad as it has been).

During the storms, we were fortunate enough not to sustain any major damage, but on Saturday morning our phone line died (which subsequently killed our ADSL internet connection).  We reported the problem and Telstra advised that it was a problem at the telephone exchange and they’d get it sorted for us and advised it should be right within 24 hours.

It’s now 3 days later and we still have no phone or internet.  I use my mobile more than the landline, so that’s not really the issue, but I get really antsy when I don’t have an internet connection. Being a geek, I use the internet for EVERYTHING.  Here’s a brief list of things that I haven’t been able to do at home lately:

  • Wanted to lookup the contact phone number for a new Indian restaurant that opened (why don’t they just publish a big reference book with all these numbers in it… oh, wait a minute)
  • For that matter, I’m not able to lookup any product or service which is something I’d Google on a daily basis
  • Heard a song on the radio that I liked and wanted to know who sung it
  • Saw a movie and wanted to know what other movie I had seen that actor in previously
  • Was taking George to the toilet late one night and wondered if dogs had good night-eyesight
  • Most of the stuff I read is online
  • No online Playstation gaming, no downloading any media of any description
  • No catching-up on work after hours
  • No general/random web surfing that I often find myself doing when I’m bored
  • And no blogging

Sounds pretty pitiful that my life revolves so much around the internet, but it’s such a useful tool and source of endless entertainment and knowledge.  Sure, you can get most of the information from other places (and probably more reliable sources too) but the fact that the internet brings this all together in one big universal resource it’s brilliant.

I read a good quote the other day that basically said (and I’m paraphrasing here) but basically 20 years ago, if you wanted to make a statement that could be heard / read / seen by the rest of the world… it just wasn’t possible unless you were a world leader or celebrity (and even then it would need to be something pretty important for worldwide mainstream media to pickup on it).

Spose I’m just a big geek.

Other notable things that’s been happening lately – had drinks and dinner with one of my clients OJ and Trig who have launched a new social-media styled wedding website.  They are both very funny people and it was great chatting about their online plans and a whole bunch of other random stuff.  Dinner was at a little Indonesian restaurant called Jakarta and it was great – I tried a few things that I hadn’t had before (including ox tail soup) and all was very delicious.

Also during the week the business networking group I’m involved with had their end-of-year bash.  In the new year I’m (reluctantly) planning on expanding my networking efforts.  Networking has worked well for us in the past, but for it to be most effective you need to keep at it.

Many people assume that networking is about selling your services to everyone you meet, but that’s really the wrong approach.  Instead you need to form lasting relationships with the people you meet and over time build-up your trust with them so that when their stuff breaks and they’re there to help them out.  The problem is that sometimes it can take months or even years before their existing provider screws-up.

So as we dive into the new year, we’re going to be pushing this along with a little side-project that I think will work well to help educate people on what we do.

Getting away from work and internet related stuff – George starts Puppy Preschool tonight and we’re all very excited.


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