Server Issues


In my post “Helping my folks move“, I made a comment:

“This time the delays between posts haven’t really been my fault – we had some server issues during the week… but all is good now (or at least I hope it is).”

Well, much to my dismay, this wasn’t the case.

As I type (which is a little difficult because I burnt my left index finger cooking dinner lastnight, and now it has a bandaid on it which makes it hard to bend it) our old webserver is sitting in our data centre doing nothing. After being unable to efficiently identify the cause of the hardware issues and replacing one component and pulling-out another, it made no difference so we sourced a new server, rushed to get it configured and move all the sites from the dodgy server that kept crashing onto the new one.

The new server is a much better one than the old one, so I’m expecting that there will be no further issues, now we just need to pull-out the old server, bring it back to the office and try and figure-out what’s wrong with it.

Unfortunately during this server debacle (I really like saying that word, but hate to use it when it actually relates to me) there were quite a few long days and some late nights, so I’m pretty buggered and the weekend was spent with me catching-up on sleep and lounging around the house.

Hopefully now that things are starting to get back to normal, so will my blog posts.


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