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How much has this blog sucked lately?!? I personally blame the author.

So I’m going to be doing three types of posts over the next few days/weeks/months in an effort to catch-up with everything (not that I expect it will work-out as planned) but this is what I have in mind…

  • Current posts discussing the most recent stuff I’ve been up to
  • Catch-up posts discussing what’s happened no-so recently
  • Random links and other interesting stuff I’ve compiled but haven’t gotten around to posting

Let’s start-off with some of the most recent stuff – it’s been school holidays and Kristy took some time off work to do some holiday stuff with Caleb. One of the things they did was went on a road trip to the Dubbo Zoo and to see The Dish at Parkes.

Due to work commitments (and to be honest, a general lack of interest in driving 1000Km’s to go to a zoo) I opted to give this trip a miss, but after hearing some of the stories, it actually sounded like they had an awesome time.

Me on the other-hand, spent 3 nights working late, eating take-out, playing PS3 and drinking a little more red wine than I probably should mid-week. Also, in some random flicking through YouTube channels I stumbled across a funny little online show called The Guild which follows the lives of a group of people addicted to playing MMO RPGs. I won’t go into explaining it any further, but if you don’t know what MMO or RPG is an acronym for, you probably won’t like the show.

Over the weekend we caught-up with Skye and Scotty (which is becoming a much more regular occurrence now they live around the corner) for a few drinks and some DVDs. Went to a football break-up for one of Kristy’s step-brothers and then went to Janine’s post-wedding get-together.

Janine had her wedding somewhere in the Whitsundays and due to poor timing, planning, conflicts with other weddings and costs, we opted not to go up north for the celebration. As this also applied to a bunch of other people, Janine decided to have a celebration a week later for all those that didn’t attend.

Although Janine and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship (she shits me to tears sometimes… as do a lot of the dancing mums that she associates with as part of her Dancing Studio), it was actually a pretty good night.

On Sunday I offered to help Trish and her daughter Mariah with her laptop which had recently been infected by a virus and in the process, I figured I’d upgrade my laptop to Windows 7. So far (and I’ve only been using it for the last 48 hours), it seems pretty good – quicker than Vista, the install went reasonably smoothly and so far everything has just ‘worked’ which is rare for a Microsoft product.

Unfortunately the virus repair didn’t go quite so smoothly and I had to re-install Windows due to bluescreens and failed boot attempts.

While waiting for virus scans to complete and software to install, I finally got around to watching the loooong video talking about a new-ish project Google is rolling-out called Google Wave. To explain it in it’s most simple form – imagine if a company tried to take the concept of email, instant messaging, social media, cloud computing, online/offline group document collaboration and mash it all into one open-source tool – you’d have Wave.

Email technology has been broken for decades simply because the technology originally created to handle email was never designed to be used to the magnitude that it is today. MacGyver would be in awe of all the bubblegum, paperclips and band-aides that exist behind the scenes in order to fight spam, route emails through poorly configured servers, travel halfway around the world and magically allow messages to appear in the inbox of the person sitting two-feet away from your desk.

So the notion that Google are doing something about this to fundamentally change the way people view online communication and potentially create a whole new way of ’emailing’ is very exciting for a geek like me. Given the money, brain-power and reputation that Google have, they might just be able to pull this off. Only time will tell and even when the product is officially launched, it’ll still probably spend the next 5 years in ‘beta’ and be invite only like Gmail was.

Well, that’s all I’ve got time for at the moment – I’ll try and squeeze-out another post or two soon with hopefully some more interesting stuff.


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