Pirates and networking


It’s been a busy couple of weeks…

Nearly two weeks ago was one of my favourite days – International Talk Like A Pirate Day! For the uneducated, Talk Like A Pirate Day is a day where it is socially acceptable to talk like a pirate.

As Talk Like A Pirate Day was coming to a close (and I hadn’t spoken like a pirate as much as I would have liked) I attended a business networking event (more details here). At these events they usually have some activity to encourage you to go up and talk to people who you haven’t met yet… and on this evening the challenge was to approach someone and talk like a pirate. I was in my element.

Other than being allowed to talk like a pirate to other business people (which in retrospect may not necessarily be a good thing to do), the night was really good and I met some really interesting people.

Also at the start of each night you put your business card in a little bucket with the hope of winning some prizes and as it turns-out my good friend Jaqui from Bunk Media and I were lucky enough to have our cards picked. She won some wine and I received a free annual membership to Networx.


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