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So, in that last post I said I wanted to start doing stuff… and well, it’s been fairly busy since making that decision.

So a few weekends ago my mate Cameron had a Guitar Hero World Tour party… and it rocked… as I did, like the bastard love-child of Van Halen, Freddie Mercury and Hendrix… yea that’s what Hendrix meant when he said “excuse me while I kiss this guy” (most people miss-hear that lyric and think he’s actually saying “scuse me while I kiss the sky”… but now you know better).

It turned-out to be a much bigger night than anticipated… lots of drinking… 4 incredibly geeky guys rocking-out with plastic instruments thinking for one night we genuinely were rock gods.. well, until we ran out of alcohol and then noticed the sun was coming-up.

The next weekend was filled with ferry-floss and rides. Well, I’m not a huge fan of either, but that didn’t detract from the weekend. One of my clients is responsible for organising an annual community festival (Centenary Rocks Festival) which featured lots of market stalls, live bands, international foods, rides etc. etc. So we spent the day on Saturday supporting that and then on Sunday it was Caleb’s school fete.

The weekend just gone, Kristy and I went to a Tirty-Tree and a Tird (aka thirty-three and a third) Irish-themed birthday party for one of Kristy’s old school friends. We donned our green gear and Guinness’ and partied like a Leprechaun who just discovered how to turn potatoes into gold. Highlight of the evening was an incredibly drunk, but amazingly entertaining engineer who helped get us into the mind-set of processed meat/chicken… before being processed. Not so-much the gruesome parts, but more-so the potential confusion and how that confusion would be communicated to the other animals (who were affectionately given Aussie slang nicknames). Spose you had to be there.

Then, slot-in the odd BBQ here and there and that sums-up the last few weekends… in between the weekends, I’ve also been doing a bit of work-related socialising / networking. Recently there was an event on the topic of Twitter, and since I like to consider myself a social media aficionado (actually, I’m not really, but I do like using the word aficionado), I was quite comfortable with the subject-matter making it a really enjoyable networking experience. They also had a projection screen behind the speakers with a live Twitter feed monitoring all the tweets pertaining to the event (which provided the perfect opportunity for me to make a few humorous, yet relevant one-liners about things being discussed… and got a few chuckles from the audience in the process).

Yesterday afternoon I caught-up with my good mate Gerard who’s back in town for a few weeks and as a means of promoting his new business venture (and also just to meet some of the local talent) we organised a SEO meetup. I’ve arranged and been to a handful of these in the past and they’ve never been huge, but always entertaining. This one was no different and I think all the guys enjoyed it.. well, all but one lady that had no idea about SEO and was trying to peddle some self-help multi-level online money making marketing product that she couldn’t share too much info about.

Strangely enough, she seemed horrified when we mentioned that SEO does have a technical aspect to it and it requires knowledge/time/effort/money etc. etc. I think she was hoping we’d tell her if you simply do XYZ you’ll rank #1… sorry love, it just doesn’t work like that 🙂

Tomorrow night there’s a Brisbane Twitter User Brigade (BTUB) pub crawl that I’m planning on going along to as well. Yea, I know… this along with the last few events sounds pretty geeky, but hey – it’s all about getting out there, meeting new people and doing something a bit different. If that means using a social networking tool such as Twitter as an icebreaker, then so-be-it. Besides, some geeks DO know how to party… ok, ok, yea maybe we don’t… but any group of people become a lot more interesting when copious amounts of alcohol are involved.


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