Networking Christmas Function


A few weeks ago I went to the last networking function for 2007 organised by the business networking group I attend – Networx Marketing.

The evening was held at a backpackers bar called Birdee Num Num’s and had a social media theme. There was a notice-board with people’s names you could ‘poke’ as you would in Facebook and there was also a girl dressed as a vampire who would go around ‘biting’ people (which really just meant she’d give you a random person’s business card and you’d then have to try and find that person).

The networking aspect of it was good as always and I made a few new contacts as well as catching-up with a bunch of people I have met at previous events.

After things had died-down and everyone started going home, I decided that I’d let my hair down and have a few drinks with a couple of friends from a graphic/web design company I do a fair bit of work with.

I could blame it on not having enough to eat that day, or being tired… but the reality of it was that after an unspecified number of beers (unspecified as I really can’t remember how many… but not enough to boast about) I discovered I was rather pissed.

That was about the same time my body decided to rescue me and take me home. For those of you who have never drunk with me before probably don’t know this – but my body has a natural defense mechanism when it realises I’ve had enough to drink. It simply takes me home (or if I’m already at home, it takes me to bed) – no stopping to tell anyone that I’m leaving – no saying good bye’s… I simply get up and quietly wander off.

I believe that was how I departed the club that evening and struggled through work the following day.

The next day I received an email from the friends I was drinking with and it sounded like they were in a similar state as myself – so I’m sure that we all had an enjoyable time – I just wish I could remember a bit more of it.


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