Last Wednesday night I went along to a networking function that had some guest speakers discussing Social Media and Web 2.0 stuff… it was an interesting night because for once I actually knew about the topic.

In all honesty I was surprised about the knowledge of the main speaker. I checked-out his website prior to the event and it was crap and had no mention of Social Media… so I was impressed when he knew his stuff.

The other good thing about the night was that I was joined by the lovely Talita… I usually go to these things alone which forces me to talk to strangers, but it was nice having a wingman wingwoman for a change.

Here’s a pic of me networking:


The funny thing about that group from the photo was that they thought my business was all about SMS marketing – one of the ladies said “I think I know you from that function at …” and after she went on about it for a while I felt bad saying “nope, that wasn’t me” … so I just went a long with it.

All-in-all a good night.


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