Attended another networking event last week which was really good. There were a couple of my clients there, plus I also host the website of the venue, so I actually knew a few people before I entered the room which made things a lot less stressful.

One of my clients is a prolific networker and she was a great ally to have throughout the evening as she was constantly pulling me into groups saying how great we were at web hosting – so not only did I not have to figure-out how to join the conversation, but I was given a great plug too!

Normally, my approach to joining conversations consist of me wandering around seemingly aimlessly until someone feels sorry for me and invites me to join their group or I’ll find someone else looking lost and chat with them. Unfortunately I’ve found that most other lost looking people aren’t the best conversationalists (which is why they probably look as lost as I do).

Fortunately due to knowing a few people on this particular evening it was actually really fun – I don’t have any pics of me from the night (other than a brief one of the back of my head)… but if you want to check-out everyone else from the night click here.


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