Ingenuity has grown over the past few years with very little marketing and advertising – sure we’ve strategically aligned ourselves with a few web developers, advertised in the Yellowpages, had a miserable brochure mail-out and optimised the website so it can be found better in the search engines, but really we haven’t pro-actively tried approaching other businesses – until now!

Last night I participated in my first marketing/networking seminar. It was organised by a company called Networx Marketing who are a young, dynamic group that bring like-minded businesses together and this particular function was held at the Fox Hotel, South Brisbane.

I was amazingly nervous about the whole thing and even though (to those who know me) I appear to be reasonably outgoing, I’m really quite shy underneath and generally don’t feel comfortable talking face-to-face with complete strangers.

Part of me believes that these people probably have no interest in what I have to say, and therefore I’d be bothering them and vice versa – I probably won’t be incredibly interested in their business, so although I’ll nod and smile, I’ll probably be just as bored with them as they are with me.

When I arrived the host thrust me into a group of regulars to talk to and from there, I spoke to a handful of other people through a couple of little networking games that force you to mingle.

I was amazed at 1. how genuinely interested everyone seemed and 2. because of their interest, I naturally found it interesting listening to their stories. Not only that, but after talking to a few people, I no longer felt like I was bothering them because we all were there for the same reason – to talk, meet new people and form business contacts.

By the end of the night I was quite comfortable and although I feel that there will still be nerves when I go to different functions, I think I’m a little more prepared to talk-the-talk… let’s just hope I can walk-the-walk!

Coming-up next week I’m attending a Speed Networking function (which is somewhat like Speed Dating, just with business people) and the following week I’m attending another marketing seminar organised by the Australian Institute of Management.

Here’s one of the pics from the evening… for more of them, check-out:



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