NetRegistry Suck Balls!!!


A while ago I outsourced some search engine optimisation work (primarily focused on link building) to a company called NetRegistry.

We didn’t see fantastic results, but the pricing was ok and knowing how SEO works, I understand that it isn’t the type of thing you see results for particularly quickly. We started a second client with them a few months later and it wasn’t long after this that things started going down-hill.

The first client (lets call them Client A) started gaining less links exchanged and it appeared as though we were paying money for nothing. Then the second client (Client B) discovered that one of the link exchanges on their site was with one of their largest competitors.

We requested to have Client B’s links reviewed and the competitors link completely removed and I also requested to cancel Client A’s services since the results were still poor after a considerable time. Unfortunately Client A had already entered another billing cycle, and NetRegistry acknowledged that the number of links had significantly decreased so a discount was issued.

Now that we had received the discount and Client B’s links were sorted, we thought things would be ok. The following month the link we requested be removed from Client B’s account popped back up again and it took considerable calls and emails to get NetRegistry to ensure it wouldn’t happen again… and then the following month, once again, the link was back up.

I’m an incredibly patient person, but this was the last straw, so I cancelled the services. NetRegistry informed me that we had paid for another couple of months, so they would continue the work until then and not renew after that (which I was fine with)… and now this-morning, I received confirmation that both accounts were renewed and billed to our credit card.

(please note the following statement is quite out of character for me)

I’m currently furious and I’m about to give NetRegistry a call – and unfortunately (for them), whoever answers the phone will be torn a new ass-hole!


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