Meetups, Australia Day and New Staff


I can’t believe that I always get the “i” and the “e” back-to-front whenever I type the word believe – I know how to spell the word properly, but obviously my typing sucks.

Actually, that wasn’t how I was planning on starting the post, I was going to say that I can’t believe how much has been happening over the past couple of weeks (but then I misspelled believe and it all went downhill from there).

Thankfully spellchecker is my friend (mainly because it’s a piece of computer software that has no choice in the matter because if it did, it probably would run for the hills every time it saw me approaching my PC)… and once again, I’m well off topic.

So… over the past couple of weeks a lot of things have happened.

My SEO company took on a work experience kid named Luke who turned-out to be pretty good. He’s young, which makes him a little immature with some things (but hey, I’m a lot immature with most things, so I can’t really talk), but he’s fairly enthusiastic and has a reasonable grasp on the current SEO basics… so we decided to give him a shot and hired him to do some part-time link building, report generating and other SEO things that take-up more of our time than we’d like.

My Hosting company has also hired a new accounts / admin person named Melissa who should be starting sometime next week (if all goes according to plan). It’s funny that I should mention plans because we don’t really have one… the next few days will be a mad rush in organising things, refining procedures, getting the necessary desk, stationary, PC, software setup for her etc. etc.

In the middle of all of this, I also attended another local Bloggers Meetup where I spent time chatting with Ben, Rob, Mick, Yaro and Tim. It’s really interesting sharing ideas and chatting with people who all share a similar interest in blogging.

The shorter week thanks to the Australia Day public holiday has made things even tighter… but all is good.

On the topic of ‘good’ and ‘Australia Day’ we went to a party (not technically an Australia Day party, but a party on Australia Day)… it was a surprise birthday party for a friend and web design partner Jaqui from Bunk Media.

Was a lot of fun although the mix of a rather late night, lack of sleep, copious amounts of alcohol and a dodgy pie from the local service station resulted in a nasty hang-over the following day.

The rest of the weekend was spent chilling-out with Kristy’s Mum and my folks and watching movies…. I’ll keep the movies for a separate post because there are a few of them and most were really good.


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