Lots of blog reading and a quiet weekend


Over the last week I’ve read over 300 blog posts and articles in an effort to get myself up-to-speed with what’s been happening in the SEO industry lately. My favourite reading has been from the SEOmoz blog and articles throughout their website – if you ever want to learn about SEO this would be the place to start.

Due to all my reading I fell behind on a few other work-related tasks which I spent Saturday catching-up on whilst Kristy went to the Ipswich Cup and afterwards a few people came back to our place for some drinks. As they had all been drinking all day what started-out pretty energetic quickly died due to everyone being fairly exhausted… so it was an early night after-all.

On Sunday we visited Kristy’s aunty who we haven’t seen for a while and spent the afternoon chatting. It was a fairly quiet weekend, but I was glad because it gave me a chance to catch-up with a few things and still offer some time for relaxation.


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