It’s Wednesday already!


Well, in an hour it will be Wednesday – I honestly don’t know where the last few days have disappeared!

I’ll start with Saturday night – we played rummikub with Kristy’s Mum. On Sunday we finished watching the third season of One Tree Hill.

Monday night/Tuesday morning watched the Socceroo’s fight valiantly against Italy, but unfortunately (due to what I felt was a bad call) we lost – but hey, the guys played excellently the whole time and if it wasn’t for that last penalty shot, the game could quite have easily gone either way.

On a work note, our IP address request was approved, now all we have to do is pay the membership and application fees to APNIC and we’ll be given more IP’s than we know what to do with.

I received a call from the guy who offered to do business coaching for us – he’s tailored a solution that is nicely scalable and very cost effective (as far as business coaching services go) so we’re going to take him up on the offer and hopefully we’ll be as big as Nike and Coke in no time 🙂

Also follow-up with the Griffith Uni about the possibility of submitting a project for their final-year IT students, and now I’m waiting for some documentation to be sent so we can decide how to proceed.

This-evening I went over to Glen & Odette’s to discuss business and watched a movie called The Man staring Eugene Levy and Samuel L Jackson – I love watching Sam L go nuts all the time and Levy cracks me up with his awkwardness.

One final note – lastnight Kristy was doing a sudoku and Caleb asked if she could teach him how to do it. Neither Kristy or I thought that it would hold his attention, nor did we think he’d grasp the concept of how it works. After about 10 minutes he showed us that he was stuck and we discovered he had made a small mistake with 2 boxes, so we fixed those for him and he then proceeded to finish the puzzle. Both Kristy and I were amazed that a 7 year old would be able to complete a sudoku without any real assistance and only one small mistake.

Sorry for the long post – in the next few days I’d like to upload a few funny videos, so “watch this space”.

But for now, I’m off to bed!


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