Greylisting Nightmares


On Monday we turned greylisting on… and as with all technical services that affect clients, things usually never go smoothly.

I spent most of Tuesday on the phone sorting-out problems with emails being rejected that shouldn’t be and one guy actually abused me (well not me directly, but Ingenuity as a company) for trying to reduce the amount of spam he receives.

If spam were like TV ads, I could appreciate some people being unhappy to see them go (especially beer ads… beer manufacturer’s always have the best ads)… but spam is NOT like TV ads, and apart from allowing me to gain a l0nger erect10n and saving money on my non-existent home loan (which I won’t need because I’m the sole beneficiary of some African millionaire’s lost fortune)… it doesn’t serve me any purpose – so people should be glad to see it gone.

The good news is that the issues are all resolved, my whingy clients have stopped calling and we’re blocking over 60% of the spam which would otherwise have ended-up in my clients mailboxes.

I was so excited when I saw how well it was working I decided to tell all my clients… by spamming them with an Ingenuity newsletter 🙂


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