Finally going to make it to the UK


For the last few years I have been constantly hassled by a couple of my best mates about coming to visit them in the UK.

I was planning on going about 4 years ago but then I started my web hosting business.  This resulted in being on-call 7 days a week and often working 12+ hour days to get things off the ground… not to mention taking a considerable pay-cut to help things along.

Each year I would make the promise that ‘this would be the year for the OS trip’ but never quite got there.  Then a little over a year ago I decided to setup a second business focused around search engine optimisation – a passion I’ve had for the last few years (and co-incidentally inspired by one of my mates that I’m going to visit in the UK).  He spiked my interest in the industry back in 2000, but it wasn’t until I started helping my web hosting clients rank that I decided it would be a solid business decision to start my own consultancy firm.

This started taking-up all the spare time I had, and pushed the trip back further.

But now, finally, after years of procrastinating, we’re finally heading over there.

I’ve delegated my daily work tasks to my business colleagues and I’m sure that things will keep ticking away nicely over the next 3 weeks while I’m away, but as I’ve been the main driving force for both of these businesses for so long without a break, it’s really hard to step away from.

So… enough of my waffling about boring work stuff… onto the holiday.

We’re heading off in a couple of days time, flying Royal Brunei with a brief stopover in Bandar Seri Begawan, then onto the UK.  We’ll spend Thursday – Tuesday with friends (probably doing a fair bit of drinking and squeezing-in some sightseeing between hangovers) and then heading down to Paris.

In Paris we’d like to check-out a show at the Moulin Rouge (and the other standard touristy things) and then we’ll head down to Italy.

We have a Eurail pass so we can travel by train around France and Italy, but other than that we haven’t made any official plans for the whole trip, so we’ll probably go with the flow and see where we end-up, but in Italy we’d really like to see Florence, Venice and Rome.  Then it’s back to the UK for a couple of days before we fly back home again.

We’ve been travel shopping and bought a bunch of random items that we thought would come in handy (like those cheesy tourist money pouch/belt things, a couple of camping pillows that fold-up to be the size of a hamburger, some towels that take-up less space than my pocket handkerchief but absorb more water than you’d find in any Queensland dam, a couple of Lonely Planet books etc. etc.)

Lastnight we packed our bags and tonight I’m going to repack and cull a few items that probably aren’t necessary… and then on Thursday we head-off.

Everyone keeps saying how excited we must be… and I know that it will all be good once we get over there and down the first warm beer, but in the meantime, with my concerns about work and overall lack of planning for the trip, I’m kinda crapping myself.

I’ll try and do a few posts while I’m away, with photo’s being posted on Flickr and probably a few short messages on Twitter when I’m in transit.


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