Cheesy newsletters sometimes work


Last week I sent-out a reasonably cheesy e-newsletter to my clients about blogging… It was partially inspired by the fact that I quite enjoy posting crap about my life, but also that there are heaps of beneficial and far more effective topic-specific / corporate blogs which I try and read when I get the chance.

So I thought, hey, they’re easy to use, can be quite effective (if maintained well) and it gives me another opportunity to liaise with my clients about something other than “this is what Ingenuity has been up to lately”.

I didn’t expect to get much out of it, but so far I’ve had a couple of enquiries and an existing client upgrade their hosting package to accommodate a blog… so sometimes the odd cheesy article does work!

If you’re interested in the blogging article, you can check it out here: To Blog or Not to Blog


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