Can’t believe it’s Thursday


I honestly can’t believe that it’s Thursday today – the last few weeks have been a blur. I’ve been working on a website for a friend of a friend which is just-about finished. Every time I try and get it completed, the client wants me to change something else.

The other thing stopping me from getting everything done, has been a series of strange IT problems experienced by a number of my clients.

I’ve been working in this industry for about 6 years, and prior to that I have always tinkered with computers, so there’s a lot of common issues I’m familiar with that can be fixed with my eyes closed. But the last 3 weeks have been full of weird problems that I’ve never heard of before, and most of them have taken a day of research and trial-and-error to fix them. If I could give the month of March a descriptive title, I’d call it the “Obscure, Miscellaneous, Time-Consuming Problem Solving Month”.


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