Busy but not that interesting


The last couple of weeks have been busy, but nothing overly interesting has been happening.

I’ve been getting back into business networking and blogging (all for work purposes) and half work, half social – I’ve had some beers with some other local search marketers. Also met one of the guys responsible for the Best Job In The World campaign run by Tourism QLD and met a few other people who have done some notable stuff in the search space… so I’ve found it really interesting, but that’s because I really like what I do.

On the topic of work blogging, I moved my search marketing blog to a slightly new location (previously it was http://blog.sitemost.com.au but now you can find it at http://www.sitemost.com.au/blog )… I’ve also started guest-blogging – a post of mine should be going live next week on Search Engine People, and I’m trying to get back into commenting (and doing the odd guest post) on SEOmoz.

So while a bunch of stuff has been happening, it’s all pretty boring unless you’re me…


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