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On Thursday last-week I had a free business coaching session from a company called Action International. They sent me a survey a couple of weeks ago with a free coaching session offered as incentive to complete the survey – and as I like things for free and have heard great success stories from companies that employ business coaches, I thought it was well worth the 15 minutes it took to complete their questionnaire.

The session was ok… the guy didn’t really talk much about specific ways of helping Ingenuity, but told many stories of how he’s helped other businesses and gave some fairly general advice about running a company.

There were parts of the meeting where he would use some fairly obscure analogies and he contradicted himself a couple of times, but when probed, he managed to sufficiently explain himself.

If he only does 10% of what he claimed he can, Ingenuity would definitely benefit. I think we’ll give him a shot (at least for 3 – 4 months) and if we see results we’ll continue, but if not, then at least we know we gave it a shot.

There’s a bunch of stuff going on at the moment – we’re almost ready to put our new server in place (the one I mentioned months ago). Due to various hardware issues it ended-up taking a little longer to configure than we originally thought, but all is good now.

We’re also looking at getting our on range of IP addresses from APNIC. They used to issue C-Classes and small ranges of IP’s, but now they only issue /21’s which is 8 C-Classes or 2048 IP’s – more than we’d ever need, but hey, 8 C-Classes will definitely come-in handy for optimisation.

The other thing I’ve been looking into is a new billing system called ModernBill. It’s a commonly used piece of Web Hosting / ISP billing software which is server based and will automate a lot of the manual procedures we currently do each month. I’ll have to do some more investigation before we sign-up, but at the moment it’s looking like the best option.


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