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The last week has been pretty busy… and I have a strange feeling the coming few weeks are going to be even worse, so I want to make a public apology for the lag in updating my blog this-week and over the coming few weeks.

Recently I received a call from my good friends at Kintek (a web development company that I’ve worked with since Ingenuity’s inception and even a while before that)… and they were looking for someone to help them with some general dev and newsletter stuff whilst one of their staff members (Talita) goes on holidays.

Given that these guys are more friends than third-party business partners, I happily accepted their offer and will be doing a few hours a week for them for the next couple of weeks.

The best part out of all this is that it will not interrupt my work as it will come first and foremost and I get to spend time observing how another business operates plus I get the opportunity to actually have someone to work with instead of sitting in a room by myself all day… oh, and I get to earn a few extra dollars in the process.

I’m really looking forward to the work, although I know it will mean a few late nights and long hours keeping-up with everything – but these negatives are far outweighed by the positives, so Kintek – here I come!


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