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On Sunday night I was on the phone and as I went to put it back on its base, it slipped and landed on my laptop keyboard (popping one of the keys off). I clipped the key back in place thinking everything was fine, but when I started typing on it, they key kept popping out.

After much mucking about, I discovered I had actually snapped one of the little plastic bits that the key clipped onto. I contemplated gluing it back in place, but decided against it as I didn’t want to stuff the whole keyboard, so instead I did a little net research to see how much it would cost to get something like this fixed.

On one forum a lady reported that a similar issue cost her US$250 and 3 weeks of waiting for the laptop to be sent back to her, so I was starting to reach for the glue when I found that Asus (my laptop manufacturer) had a service centre in Brisbane.

I gave them a call and the guy said that they had my particular keyboard in stock and if I bought in the laptop they could replace the keyboard. It would cost $30 for the keyboard plus $30 worth of labor and should be ready within 30 mins.

Although it was a bit of a pain to drive into the city, find a park (which would probably cost me $20 for 30 mins), find the service centre etc. etc. It was going to be far better than sending the laptop away and spending $250, so I was pretty impressed even before I left the house.

When I got into town I found the place without any problems, I showed the guy my broken key and he asked if I could wait a couple of minutes so he could show the guys out back, within 10 mins he returned with they key replaced and said that all they did was replace the plastic bit under the key and it didn’t cost me a thing!

Since I was back in my car within 15mins, parking was free too!

I was amazed at the overall experience and will make sure that all future laptops I purchase are Asus’ since I know that if anything ever goes wrong, the local service centre staff will be available to help.


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