I forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago we were shopping at West End and had lunch at this awesome cafe called Satchmo’s – the food, staff and general atmosphere of the place was great… so if you’re ever in the area, check it out!

This weekend was pretty busy – The retirement village that Mum and Dad are moving into held a Christmas party for the residents and their families on Friday night, so I went along to that. The two brothers who are responsible for building the village (and organised the evening) were really nice, some of the oldies I chatted with were lovely, the food was great (as was the red wine). It turned out that one of my current clients (a construction company) are involved in the project, so I ended-up sitting down with those guys too – so overall, a really good evening.

On Saturday night Kristy had her end-of-year dancing concert. The night went smoothly and the dancing was (mostly) entertaining. I don’t really like little kids, so some of their dances were a bit tedious, but as the students got older, the dancing got better. Kristy and Caleb were in a few different segments and Caleb was pretty funny watching – he tries incredibly hard, but he just doesn’t quite have the necessary co-ordination just yet… but I’m sure with more practice he’ll get better (or at least I hope he does).

Sunday was the dance break-up party… which turned-out to be better than I expected. Despite lots of kids running around screaming, I managed to find comfy deck-chair and chilled-out for the afternoon.


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