On Friday I dropped my car off at the local mechanic to service and fix my brakes. As much as I was starting to get used to the sound of grinding metal and the constant fear that I may need to stop suddenly and wouldn’t be able to, I’m so happy that my car is back in tip-top condition.

Also on the topic of cars, Kristy has just bought some new seat covers, hub caps, a car deodorizer and a water-less car washing mixture (which I’m interested to see how it works)… so this weekend we’re going to pimp Kristy’s ride 🙂

Last night Kristy and I went to the gym and did a pretty long work-out… well my workout started ok, but I think I pushed myself a little too hard on the bicep machine, so after that I just watched Kristy work and gave useful hints and tips like “do another 3 more” and “keep that back straight”.

Afterwards Heidi came over and we had some drinks and watched the grand final of the “Friday Night Games

This morning I caught-up on some work so that next week I can investigate some more marketing methods to help grow Ingenuity further, as well as putting-in-place a few old suggestions people have made previously that I haven’t had time to do anything about.


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