Tweetup’s, bongo drums and dude, where’s my keys?


Last weekend I went to a local Twitter Meetup which wasn’t bad, although wasn’t brilliant either. The tricky thing with these types of gatherings is that other than a common interest in a social media site there’s very little that holds the group together. This was also the case with a blogging meetup group I used to attend.

You’d be talking to someone and ask what they blog about and they’d say something like candles, weight loss, personal development, cars, sports etc. etc. and after politely asking some of the more obvious questions, you’d quickly run out of things to talk about. Then I’d start talking about the rubbish I blog about (search optimisation, social media, random stuff I’d find on the internet and prattling-on about my mediocre life) and I’d have to wake them up at the end of the conversation.

It’s somewhat ironic, because you would expect a group inspired by a tool designed to create conversations online doesn’t always result in decent conversations in real life.

That being said, there were still quite a few people that I really did enjoyed meeting and it was also great to catch-up with some of the guys I know from previous groups. And as the beers were flowing, the night did get progressively better.

[update… just found a photo of me from the night… this was before the onslaught of too many beers]

So much so that when things were winding-down, I decided to head into the Valley for a few more drinks. Stopped along the way a couple of times to ensure I had the necessary nutrients [beer]to make it through the long and arduous journey [a quick citycat trip and a 10-15 min walk through town]which lead me to the Press Club.

A few drinks later, I made friends with (or maybe they made friends with me… things were getting a little hazy by this point) a gay couple who were very funny. Soon after, a guy turns-up with an electronic bongo drum kit thing to play along with the DJ that was spinning.

Once his gear was setup (right next to where the gay guys and I were sitting), he went off to grab a drink and chat with some of the staff… so in my infinite mischievous wisdom, I thought it’d be quite entertaining to have a go at the drums.

Banged away to a few songs, which I though was quite good but sadly, the drummer returned and he didn’t share the same enthusiasm for my playing… so I was kicked-out 🙁

Had a few more drinks at a bar down the road……. and then I woke-up. It was about lunch-time on Saturday. I had somehow made it home, got inside, disrobed and went to sleep – but exactly how that all happened is a complete mystery to me.

Apparently I must have been concerned I wouldn’t be able to find my way out of the house as I left a trail of clothing from the end of the bed leading to the front door (Hansel and Gretel style) and after picking this up, I discovered I’d lost my house keys. I knew they must have been somewhere inside (since no doors/windows were broken and I wouldn’t be inside if I had lost them previously)… but couldn’t find them anywhere.

Then Kristy came home and informed me that we were going to go over to Skye and Scotty’s new house to help them clean-up their garden prior to them moving in.

I’m not overly useful when it comes to outdoor activities, manual labour, gardening or anything involving the slightest level of physical fitness… add to the fact that I still felt a little drunk from the evening before (that’s right, still intoxicated – hang-over hadn’t even officially begun), I wasn’t the most helpful member of the group. We’ll be helping again this weekend, so I’ll have to make-up for my uselessness then, plus, I might get a chance to play with a chainsaw… so if I don’t blog for a while after this it’s probably because I’ve become a multiple amputee.

Fortunately the rest of the weekend was pretty quiet which helped aid my sore head. On the Saturday night Kristy caught-up with a few old school friends and had a great time too, so it was a good weekend had by all.

This weekend, other than helping with some more outdoor work, I’ll be going out for dinner with the team at Kintek which I’m really looking forward to.


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