Today is 05-06-07


I was typing the date earlier today and noticed it was 05-06-07 – I realise there’s nothing amazing about this particular series of numbers and next year we’ll have an 06-07-08 and so on… but I thought it was interesting enough to mention (goes to show how interesting things have been lately).

Actually things have been pretty good lately – this-evening we did a reasonably major mail upgrade and migrated our clients from our old mailserver onto the new one as well as implimenting a new webmail interface. Everything seemed to go quite smoothly so I’m very happy.

Last weekend wasn’t unlike the weekend before, but instead of visiting the Galley of Modern Art in Brisbane, we took Caleb to the Ipswich Art Gallery as they have an exhibit about dangerous creatures. It was a bit lame and some of the interactive displays didn’t work but it was designed for kids, so I probably shouldn’t have expected too much.

The highlight of the weekend was Saturday – I spent the day playing lawn bowls with Mum and Dad. As we’ve been playing more frequently, Mum and Dad kindly sourced a second-hand set of bowls for me and I was so excited to have my own set I wanted to try them out as soon as possible.

The were passed-down from a friend of Dad’s who has played bowls for the last 27 years and this was his first set he ever purchased. They are 42 years old now, are a little heavier than what I’m used to and have a very wide bias. They took a bit of getting used to, but after a day of playing I managed to sort it out.

I’ll be a lawn bowls pro by the time I’m old enough to move into a retirement village!


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