My brother and sister-in-law (Brett & Lyndal) took a couple of weeks off and rented a house on Straddie. The place slept 9 people, so they put the invitation out to any family members who wanted to join them for a few days… so my folks, Kristy, Caleb and I put our hands up.

Prior to going over there, I had this strange misconception that Stradbroke Island was just a really big sand dune that didn’t really have much on it (other than a few cabins and the odd tree here and there). I think the reason I believed this was because any time anyone would mention Straddie it involved taking a 4×4 over there to camp and drink – so I figured it mustn’t have roads or anything else.

Much to my surprise, there were roads, shops, resorts, restaurants, homes of permanent residents etc. etc.

Once I got over the initial feeling of both surprise and stupidity for not realising that such a place existed (and only an hours drive from where I live)… we had an awesome time.

Collectively, my family are excellent value to spend time with (and even more-so when wine is involved), so when you add this to a weekend of amazing weather, quiet non-touristy beaches, crystal clear water and everything else that makes for a relaxing weekend, you can’t go wrong!


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