Quiet Weekend


This weekend has been a nice quiet one – the last few weekends have been great with various activities ranging from drinks with friends to family trivia nights (plus the odd work dramas), so it was really nice to have a weekend with nothing planned.

Yesterday Kristy and I had a game of tennis (well, if you could call it that)… we both really suck but it was still fun. Afterwards we checked-out the new Riverlink shopping precinct which is part of the local council’s solution to improving the Ipswich area – basically it’s Ipswich’s own version of Brissy’s South Bank and it is quite impressive.

Tomorrow night we’re having dinner with Gerard and Christine who are back from the UK for a couple of weeks – had lunch and a couple of beers with Ger on Thursday and it was really great catching-up again.

Now I think I’ll veg-out in front of the TV and watch a DVD or play some PlayStation.


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