Phew… Christmas and New Years is over


Well folks – that wraps-up another festive season.

I didn’t get up to much for New Years – Kristy went to a party at her friend Janine’s place and I stayed at home and finished watching season 2 of Dexter… and then went over to Cameron’s place (an old work buddy) with the intention of playing some guitar hero and watching the fireworks on TV.

This didn’t quite happen – I had been drinking whilst watching Dexter and by the time Cameron came to pick me up, I was fairly drunk and it was getting fairly close to midnight.

We chatted and drank some more (I can’t imagine I would have been particularly articulate at this stage)… watched the fireworks and soon after I was ready for bed.

The next morning I woke-up, remembered where I was and decided to walk home so as not to disturb Cameron and co.

On the walk home it rained which wasn’t that great, but surprisingly walking in the rain whilst hung-over is actually a lot more enjoyable than you’d imagine. The other highlight of my walk was a call from Con who was at a NY party at Chris and Gerards (over in the UK).

When I arrived home, I had some breaky and went back to bed for the better part of the day.


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