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In one of my recent posts I mentioned I went to an AFL game which could mislead people into thinking that I’m a little more ‘blokey’ than I really am.  So  to truly  confuse and mislead,  let me tell you about my last weekend.

I spent Saturday doing odd jobs around the house which included erecting some shelves in the garage and demolishing what was left of an old plastic outdoor table-setting (one of the legs broke a while ago and it has been sitting upside-down in the back-yard for the last few weeks).  I also had planned on taking-down an awning from above the back door as we’re getting some security screens fitted sometime this week (or early next week) and the new screen door couldn’t be mounted while the awning was in place.

Dad had said he’d help with the awning, but wasn’t feeling 100% over the weekend (and we also didn’t have all the necessary tools to complete the job)… so that didn’t happen on the weekend as originally planned, however we did manage to get it done yesterday instead.

Acknowledging that the Tooth Ferry and the Easter Bunny are real seems far more plausible than accepting that I have any home handyman skills, so I’m always pleasantly surprised when I tackle little jobs like this and even more amazed when things go relatively smoothly.

On Saturday night we had dinner with some friends at the Sizzling Mongolian BBQ House at Taringa and even though It’s been a couple of years since we last dinned there, the Mongolian Ninja Chef’s still managed to impress with their teppanyaki-styled cooking and bowl flipping magic.

As the night was drawing to a close, Dave turned to me and asked what I was doing the following day.  When I told him I had no plans, he invited me to join him and John for a day of fishing.

The last time (which also happened to be the first and only time) I’d been fishing was when my Dad took me as a youngster.   The results were fairly entertaining – not unlike someone slipping over on a wet floor in slow motion.  To the observer, it’s one of the funniest things you can watch someone do (as long as there are no serious injuries), but when you’re the person that’s flying through the air, it’s a little more difficult to appreciate the humour at the time.

From struggling to figure-out how to bait a hook, to casting-off, getting our lines snagged on rocks (most likely due to unknowingly picking a bad fishing spot to start-off with)… by the end of the day the one fish we did manage to catch made a regular goldfish look bigger than Ben-Hur.

So my expectations were pretty low when I accepted the invitation to go fishing with the ‘boys’… but as it turns-out, it was an awesome day.   The results were a little better than when Dad and I went, as I caught two fish (even though they were both pretty small… about 20cm) and to be honest, I think I liked cruising around Southport in John’s cool 5m boat more than the actual fishing.  I probably would have had just as much fun bobbing around in the boat, relaxing in the warm sun with a beer and some chill-out tunes even if we didn’t even drop a line in the water.  But it was a really relaxing day and I’m keen to do it again sometime.

So perhaps going to an AFL match, putting-up a shelf and catching a 20cm fish while out with the guys may not quite make me Reg Reagan… it’s still a lot blokier than reading blogs, playing PS3 and watching quirky art-house movies which is what I normally spend my weekends doing.


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