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Last weekend was great.

I caught-up on a few movies – Alpha Dog, Batman Begins, The Illusionist and A Good Year.

Alpha Dog was the true story of Jesse James Hollywood, a drug dealer who became one of the youngest men ever to be on the FBI’s most wanted list. It wasn’t bad until the end which really surprised me (and not in a good way).

Batman Begins was excellent – I’ve been meaning to see it for a while and never got around to it but I’m glad I finally did because not only was it the best Batman movie I’ve seen, it was also one of the better movies I’ve seen in while.

The Illusionist was also good, but a little drawn-out in some parts… yet still a really enjoyable flick. It’s good to see the magician genre being explored with movies like this and The Prestige (which was also really good).

A Good Year wasn’t all that great compared to the other movies… it could have been the simple fact that I don’t really like Russell Crowe, or it could have just been a boring story… but either way, it might have been a good year, but a crap movie.

On Sunday I got out of the house and went to the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) with Mel and Joe. The last time I went was with Caleb, so we mainly focused on the kids activities, so it was good to checkout some of the more adult displays. Plus it was fun doing a touristy activity in my own city.

Afterwards I grabbed some sushi for lunch and went over to my folks place for an afternoon of lawn bowls with my dad and a few of the other old guys in their retirement estate. Lots of fun, but I couldn’t believe how sore I was in the upper thighs and lower back when I got-up the following day. I really need to get in shape if lawn bowls makes me feel sore!


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  1. So Grandpa…(in reference to your last paragraph) I really like your comment on the Russell Crowe movie ‘It might have been a good year, but it was a crap movie’…Clever and insightfully funny.

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