Laptop woes, drinking, shopping and kayaking


The last few days have been a rollercoaster ride (and although I’m a wuss and don’t really like rides), it has been a lot of fun.

On Friday afternoon, my laptop blue-screened and then died. Upon tinkering I managed to get it to reboot and get me as far as a bios screen which indicates that my hard drive is screwed – fortunately my emails were all backed-up along with 98% of my client details (I had backed-up the previous morning, so all I had to do was go through my emails and fill-in the few blanks from the last 24 hours).

I’m hoping that the only issue was the drive as that isn’t an expensive thing to fix – otherwise I might be in the market for a new laptop.

On Friday night we had a few friends around for drinks and although it was a little quieter than previous gatherings, it was still a lot of fun. Towards the end of the night we played a game where the person who made the stupidest comment would have to wear a silly hat – needless to say, I donned the hat a couple of times.

The following morning we went shopping and Kristy bought me some new jeans (since my current ones have a rather large hole in the crotch region – possibly caused from too much manly scratching and re-arranging) and Caleb purchased an awesome telescope (that he’s been saving to buy for nearly a year).

Sunday we took Caleb to one of his friends birthday parties at Hungry Jack’s – lots of screaming kids all pepped-up on sugar – need I say more. Afterwards, Kristy and I went night kayaking with Riverlife which was (as always) awesome. Riverlife had extended a special invite as Brisbane is currently hosting the Australian Tourism Exchange which is the largest international tourism tradeshow and conference in Australia. We felt quite privileged to be invited and it was also really good to finally introduce Kristy to the team at Riverlife since she wasn’t able to attend the last kayaking night I attended.


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