Kristy’s birthday


Last weekend was Kristy’s birthday and for the first time in ages I managed to actually get her a gift that she liked. I must give full credit to Vicky for her advice, assistance and ongoing badgering, for without it, the gift probably would have sucked.

The gift was a Pandora Braclet and a charm that Caleb picked-out for her.

From this, I’ve learnt a very valuable lesson – when buying gifts for females, the gift doesn’t necessarily have to serve a functional purpose (often avoiding such things is best), the gift is best if it’s completely unappealing to us guys and if you can demonstrate the reason for purchasing the gift was inspired by something they said you’ll get extra brownie points for paying attention.

In previous years I’ve opted for gifts that I think are pretty cool and rather functional (such as MP3 players, DVD recorders and other completely unromantic items). I even thought I was demonstrating my ability to listen because when I purchased my MP3 player, Kristy said “hey, that’s pretty cool” so my brain stored that away as a present idea and subsequently ignored all other comments she made about jewellery, perfume, handbags, shoes and all other things that I cannot understand the appeal of.

Incidentally, Kristy has used each and every one of my previous gifts on a daily basis which, in my head, reinforces how good the gifts really are. But none of them ever seemed to make her glow or say “oh wow, a DVD recorder.. just what I’ve always wanted” (or at least not without sarcastic undertones).

But this time, it was all smiles and happiness. Now I just have to wait and see if my new-found female gift-giving knowledge works again this time next year (which is going to be even harder since I think I’ve just unintentionally upped the anti by doing well this year).


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