Getting Outdoors


I’m not a huge fan of getting out much – I’d often rather have a few (too many) drinks on a Friday night then spend Saturday recovering and watching DVD’s, but the last couple of weekends have been a bit different.

The weekend before last, Kristy, Caleb and I went to our local driving range. They had a putt-putt course (no windmill’s or anything flash – but still heaps of fun), so we all putted our way through to the end. Kristy beat both Caleb and I (and what was even worse is that she did it in almost half the putts it took me). Luckily Caleb also really sucked, so I didn’t feel quite so bad 🙂

Then we went over to the driving range and I took my frustrations out on a bucket of balls – I had forgotten how stress relieving whacking the crap out of a poor little ball with a great big club was. My “long game” was a little bit better than my “short game” but if you were to have a game with me, you’d probably want to bring plenty of beer just so that you didn’t get bored whilst waiting for me to finish.


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