Gardening, powertools and an awesome work-related dinner


The weekend before last, I was incredibly useless when it came to helping Skye and Scotty with their gardening due to a nasty hang-over… not that I enjoy gardening at the best of times, but when hung-over, it only makes the already painful task unbearable.

But I made a promise that I would help, so Kristy went out for dinner with Vicky and I had an early night on Friday enabling me to rise early (which translates to ‘before lunch time’ when weekends are involved) to put-in a decent effort and make-up for the weekend before.

With army-green cargo’s, a black t-shirt and a hefty pair of boots – I looked like I had stepped back into the mid 90’s and was on my way to a Nirvana or Pearl Jam concert… until the addition of a big white floppy hat that made me look like a confused grunger who had just joined the Australian Cricket Team.

Normally the only highlight from a day that starts like this is beer at the end of it… but on this occasion, I had my first chance to play with a chainsaw – and it was AWESOME. For the first time in my life, I’ve come to appreciate how males can develop an unnatural obsession with powertools.

Hedges were obliterated, fence-lines cleared, lots of little scratches and gardening related battle scars (although fortunately… and much to my, and everyone else’s surprise… I didn’t end-up as an amputee from my chain sawing) and overall, quite a successful day.

This was followed by an awesome evening with my very good web development business partners and friends – Kintek.

Dinner was at a restaurant called Little Singapore which was BYO and Chris certainly did that – a carton of beer, a few bottles of wine and a couple of bottles of champaign… all of which were emptied before we left.

The food was great (despite me accidentally stabbing myself with a satay chicken skewer… yea, don’t ask) and I chose my meal like I choose my race-horses – by name and picture. Subsequenly I had Kung Po Chicken – go on, just try and say that without a faux-Asian accent and waving your hands in the air like you’re about to Karate chop something.

The dessert that sparked the most interest (once again, purely by name and description… not by how enticing it would be to eat) was a dish called “Ice Kacang” which consisted of shaved ice with 8 different kinds of beans. I couldn’t even name 8 different kinds of beans… actually, just saying that reminds me of the guy from the movie Best In Show who’d constantly name nuts.

So after bean-filled desserts and an ample supply of alcohol, we headed back to Lucy’s place which was around the corner for a few more drinks… which lead to a few more… which lead to yet another rather late and entertaining evening.

When Sunday rolled around, my head was sore from all the alcohol, my body was sore from all the yard work… all I could do was stare at the TV and watch music videos and a couple of DVDs. Then it was over to Kristy’s Dad’s place for a BBQ dinner.

Despite it now being Monday night, I’m still a little exhausted and a little sore from the weekend efforts, but overall, was yet another fine weekend.

Now, before heading-off to bed, I have to finish writing a position description for a new staff member for Ingenuity. While the concept of adding a new member to our team is quite exciting (not to mention all the additional stuff I’ll hopefully be able to get done with an extra pair of hands)… interviewing and picking the right person for the job is often far more painful than you’d expect.


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