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I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already… this week I’ve been organising interviews for a new accounts/admin person for Ingenuity and my SEO business – SiteMost has just taken-on a work experience kid. Met with him earlier today and he seems ok.

But I’m not going to bore you with work – the purpose of this post is to tell you of the last couple of weekends I’ve had and how awesome they’ve been.

The weekend-before-last, we spent a couple of days away in the mountains – we were invited to join my Brett and Lyndal (brother and sister-in-law) at Bunya Mountains (roughly 3 hours outside of Brisbane).

Often when they go away on holidays, they will extend the offer to the family to join them for a weekend and this year my parents, one of my other sisters – Leanne and family… and Kristy, Caleb and I decided to take them up on the offer.

The weekend consisted mainly of board games, drinking wine and lounging around the large (sleeps 12 people) cabin overlooking mountains, hills and forests as far as the eye could see in pretty-much all directions.

Was fun and relaxing.

Last weekend wasn’t quite so relaxing, but still was a lot of fun.

On the Friday night we had a National Treasure movie marathon. Watched the first one which we own on DVD and then went to the movies to see the second installment – Book Of Secrets. Both movies reminded me how much I used to enjoy the Indiana Jones movies.

Saturday we went to the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art to see the Andy Warhol exhibit. Since it was school holidays, they had a number of activities for the whole family and one of them was a photo booth where you could create your own Warholesque print. Here’s what we ended-up with:

print_me1.jpg print_me2.jpg

After the gallery, we came home and I received a call from Cameron to see if we could finally have the Guitar Hero night that we’ve been trying to organise since before Christmas… so I grabbed some beer and headed over there.

I have to say that even though we spent more time chatting than playing, I’m now a Guitar Hero fan. I suck at it majorly, but it’s incredibly addictive and once you get the hang of it, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Saturday night ended-up being a very late one… so I spent Sunday recouping sleep and bumming around at home doing things that don’t require any brainpower. Watched Stranger Than Fiction … again… it’s a cool movie.

So they were my awesome weekends… what has everyone else who reads this been up to lately?


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  1. Must be gallery month because last weekend I popped over to the Tate Modern to see an exhibition by Louise Bourgeois – was a little bit disappointed because my limited knowledge of her work consisted of “spiders” (the big spider out the front of the gallery) which I quite like – unfortunately this piece was not really reflective of the majority of the rest of her works – basically she tackles themes of femininity, sexuality and isolation – As a rule I try to see a wide variety of works and not just what i expect I will like, but this exhibition seemed “to me” to be more rudimentary and came across as just plain vulgar rather than confronting social norms in an intelligent way. Im not saying that it was crap, it may be someone’s cup of tea but just not mine.

    Apart from that I was inspired by some photography exhibitions to go out and buy a Canon 400D SLR with a 17-85mm IS USM Lens – I love my new toy and have been out shooting around London town – I may have to re-grow my beard and buy a beret to complete the look 🙂

  2. Con,

    The bit about regrowing your beard just cracked me up!!!!! i had an image of Miguels 10am shadow versus your Fumanchu!!! hahahaha…..

  3. Fumanchu!!! – its a stylish chin-wig thankyou! – gotta love miguel though – everyone else i know has a 5pm shaddow – Miguel has the 5pm at 10am 🙂

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