Sometimes I impress myself


Yesterday I updated my blog software and usually when I do stuff like that I end-up stuffing it up. Inevitably I’d screw-up with the database or I have to import all the old settings and forget a tick-box somewhere that breaks it…. I’m really careful when doing work for clients, but stuff for myself always ends-up pear-shaped.

To increase the chances of me stuffing it, my blog is currently on our new server which isn’t really “Live” to the general public but we’ve got a few sites on there to test it. To make the migration of sites from the old server to the new one nice and seamless, we’ve got a script running that basically dumps a copy of all the sites on the old server to the new server every night, so when we decide to flick the switch, everything is already there and ready to go.

But this means that when I update anything on the new server, I have to replicate it on the old one so that my settings aren’t overwritten each night…. so effectively I had to upgrade my software twice.

And as it turns-out, the blog is still here and everything looks good (or at least how it looked before I upgraded) which I honestly didn’t think would happen.


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