Signs that annoy


I work about 15mins from my home and there’s a back-route I usually take to get to the office so I avoid most major roads that are often congested at that hour of the morning / afternoon.

This is fine until there’s an accident on one of the major roads and everyone decides to take back roads to get around it – which screws-up my trip.

This happened on my way to work this-morning.

To make matters worse, the council have been doing some road works and there is an electronic sign situated along the side of the road that flashes “Expect Delays”. Normally you just need to slow-down and you’re past the road works pretty quickly, but due to the build-up of traffic, I was stuck sitting in front of this flashing sign without moving for about 15 mins this-morning.

Being stuck in traffic is annoying – being stuck in traffic with a big flashing yellow sign reminding you that you’re still stuck in traffic every couple of seconds – now that’s torture!


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