Routines are slowly returning


The last few weeks have been pretty busy and on top of that there’s been the added joy of school holidays and Easter.

I’ve come to loath public holidays since I work from a home-office. Whilst everyone else is enjoying the fact that they don’t have to wake-up, get ready and commute to work – I’m still at work, doing the same thing that I do everyday : checking my emails, checking my sites search ranking, analysing my site statistics, updating my website, catching-up on work that I didn’t get a chance to complete the day before etc etc… the only good part of public holidays is that my clients don’t call me, allowing me to catch-up on work without interruption… yay

But all negativity aside, there’s an incredible number of perks to being your own boss – I’d seriously recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity!

So anyways, since the holidays are over, I’ve started to get back into my regular routine… started going back to the gym (and my aching arms are testament to that), started having breakfast again (which was something I hadn’t done in years, but started doing when I started going to the gym), but when the gym stopped, so did breakfast.

The only routine that isn’t going back to normal is my Wednesday lunch date with my parents – every Wednesday I go over to my folks place for lunch, but they left for New Zealand this morning to go visit my sister Karen, her husband Ged and my niece Caitlin. Looks like I’ll be having left-overs alone 🙁

I’m getting my car serviced on Friday since my brakes have been making a terrible metal-on-metal scraping sound… all I know about cars has been learnt from Gran Turismo and even though none of my spec’d up racing vehicles made these sounds, I’m certain it isn’t good. I’m looking forward to having brakes again – you don’t realise how much you appreciate something until it’s gone… like the ability to stop 🙂


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