Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to get my work and personal life in some sort of order.

I’ve been getting back to the gym in the mornings before I start work and despite feeling pretty ill after my first session, I’m starting to get used to it again. I’m also trying to eat healthier meals (or at least more home-cooked meals) instead of all the regular junk I’ve been having lately.

With work, I’ve been putting aside an hour each day to work “ON” the company instead of “IN” the company. Basically this means spending an hour doing stuff to further develop the business like planning advertising/marketing campaigns, researching new products or services we could offer, looking at ways to do things more efficiently, preparing client newsletters, newspaper articles etc. etc.

So far things have been working well although looking back, I used to think I was busy but now I have no idea what I filled my days with because with the extra time spent at the gym and working “ON” the company… plus the usual day-to-day stuff, I’m swamped!


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