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Over the past week I’ve been trying to prepare for a little public speaking gig that’s coming-up on Monday night (22nd of June). I’ll be on a panel with two other search marketing guys speaking to an audience of about 100 – 150 small-medium sized business owners, marketers and other professionals. I haven’t done any proper public speaking prior to this, so it’s a bit daunting but I’m pretty comfortable with the topic (which is link building) and since it’s in a ‘panel’ format, it will hopefully be a little easier than having to do a full solo pressentation… but all that aside, I’m still crapping myself. So if you’re in the Brisbane area and are keen to see me make a total goose of myself learn more about search engine optimisation, then come along. You can book online here and if you mention the promo code ‘purplecow’ you can bring a friend along for free.

Ok… that’s enough shameless self promotion…

Tomorrow I’m heading-off for a relaxing weekend away with the family at Bunya Mountains. A few years ago my brother discovered this beautiful relaxing holiday spot and decided to share it with the rest of the family. So for the next few days, I’ll be off-line in a huge log cabin, drinking lots of red wine, sitting around a fireplace playing board games and other crazy shenanigans with a dozen people I proudly call my family.

Over the last few days I’ve only found a couple of random internet finds interesting enough to share…

For those who like to apply mathematical formulas to every-day situations, then click through a bunch of the quotes/equations on the New Math site.

And here’s a little video I found a while ago, but really liked it (I know it’s long for a YouTube clip, but if you have the time, watch till the end):

If you’ve got the time to watch another long YouTube clip, then here’s another one that always makes me feel good:


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