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I’ve always liked the concept of having a chair that you can call your own. Most commonly associated with old men who grouch about anyone who sits in “their chair” and usually “their chair” is as old as they are and often doesn’t match anything else in the room… So I wanted one and after much whinging about not having my own chair, Kristy agreed to get me one for my birthday.

I hunted around the net for a style of chair that I liked and came-up with this: The Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman. Unfortunately such a chair was a little out of our price range, so we went shopping to see what else we could find.

Unfortunately we didn’t see anything I really liked, but instead found a new leather lounge that was really nice, so we decided to get that instead. The lounge is a 3-seater which was a little longer than our existing lounge chair, plus the new one has a chaise, so I put dibs on that end of the couch in exchange for my own birthday chair.

It also turned-out that the place we were purchasing the lounge from had a 4-year interest free period if we spent over a certain amount of money and we were a couple of hundred short, so we decided that we’d get a new side-table to replace our current ones that didn’t match the new lounge… then found a nice tv-unit… and to finish-off the room we found a single-seater tub chair that was in a slightly different style, but complimented the other pieces really nicely.

So we went looking for a chair and walked away with a new lounge room.

It took a few weeks for all the items to become available as some weren’t in stock at the time of purchase, but last week they were all delivered and the room looks awesome!!!


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