New Car


After much troubles sourcing finance (being self-employed is fantastic until you need to borrow money), I finally purchased a new(er) car… It’s a 2001 model Mitsubishi Lancer:

IMG_0056.jpg IMG_0057.jpg IMG_0058.jpg IMG_0059.jpg IMG_0060.jpg

There’s nothing amazing about the car, but I’ve always like the look of Lancer’s and mechanically the car is quite good. It’s also a 1.8L with is a little more powerful than my old 1.6L Laser, so I’m enjoying the extra oomph.

The other thing that makes this purchase particularly exciting is that it’s the first car I’ve bought because I liked the look of it – my first car was cheap and reliable (but was fairly ugly), my next car was a convenient purchase because my old Corolla was dying and Mel’s dad sold me his pride-and-joy – the Laser. This time I got to chose what I wanted and I’m very impressed with my purchase!


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