My car was stolen


The reason I haven’t blogged so far this week was because last Wednesday night my car was stolen.

I woke on Thursday morning to discover it wasn’t where it was left the night before 🙁

I called the Police and my insurance company and everyone was rather helpful and the car was located within 24 hours of it being reported missing. The car had been involved in an accident so had to be towed back to a holding yard so the insurance and police could assess the damage and finger-print the vehicle.

It’s now officially been deemed a write-off and the police have caught the person who stole it… now all I need is for my claim to be processed so I can get some cash and then I’ll have to start looking for a new car.

I was entitled a free car rental for 14 days which I organised yesterday afternoon and when I turned-up at the office to pick it up, they informed me that there were no bookings in my name – after a few phone calls and about an hour of stuffing around, we discovered that the car had been booked at their Ipswich office… in the UK!!!

Other than that, there hasn’t been any major issues – but the whole thing has been a huge pain in the arse, not to mention costly since my car’s market value is pretty crap – so I’ll need to get a loan for a new(er) vehicle.

At this stage I don’t know if I should go and get a brand new little car (like a Suzuki Swift or something like that)… or get something that’s about the same age (and similar price) of my old car – or perhaps something in-between… not brand new, but not really old either.

All options have various benefits and disadvantages – so now I just need to work-out the best option and go from there.


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