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Deja Vu – A really good time travel crime action thriller (now why don’t they have a dedicated category for that at my local vid store?)… one of the great things about this movie is that they managed to make something which is currently impossible seem plausible and convincing.

Little Miss Sunshine – How do you make a fantastically dysfunctional family more entertaining? Stick them in a VW Combie-Van and send them on a road-trip with the destination being a beauty pageant for their young daughter. One word – Golden!

The Pursuit of Happyness – Two things I really like are true stories and inspirational/motivational tales and The Pursuit of Happyness combines the two quite nicely.

Borat – He’s wrong on so many level… sooo many levels but still pretty funny. There were a number of parts of the movie that I think went a little too far turning a funny scene into something which was totally wrong, but I suppose that’s what Borat is all about…. Jak se mas!

The Prestige – The world of ‘smoke and mirrors’ during turn-of-the-century London makes for a very unique backdrop for a rather dark and tragic, yet beautifully crafted rivalry between two magicians. I really liked how the movie unfolded and incorporated science real historical figures adding flavour to an already excellent storyline and superb acting.


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