Masculine or Ocker?


I’ve been doing a few things lately that I’m not sure whether it qualifies me as being a bit more masculine or simply more ocker?

A couple of weeks ago Kristy’s father came to visit and he invited us to join him for a night at the greyhound races. I had never been so it was a fun and entertaining evening. Some of the highlights of the night consisted of me picking a bunch of second and third place dogs purely on how interesting their names sounded. When I collected my first winnings I approached the cashiers window like a little kid winning a raffle – waving my ticket in the air I ran up to the window excitedly saying “I think I won!”… to which the tired, middle-aged woman replied with a look that said ‘I think this guy is either drunk or perhaps mentally retarded’ and proceeded to hand me my $1.80 winnings… Fortunately she warmed to my boyish charm throughout the evening and stopped shaking her head in disbelief after the first couple of wins.

Overall it was a great night and was something quite different to what I would normally do… so I hope Kristy’s Dad extends the invite again.

Then on Saturday night we went to another AFL match where the Lions versed the Adelaide Crows. Unfortunately the Lions played worse than a Scottish Hairy Cow on Valium. The atmosphere was still really good and it was a fun night out, but it would have been nicer if we won (or at least came close to show we were actually trying).


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