Kristy vs. The Roo


Last Wednesday evening Kristy was involved in a rather nasty (and potentially fatal) car accident on her way home from work when a kangaroo jumped in front of her car.

The roo proceeded through the front windscreen and (probably after much kicking) went out the back windscreen.

Fortunately Heidi was a few minutes behind Kristy and noticed Kristy’s car on the side of the road and stopped – called an ambulance, the police and me. I organised for Caleb to spend the night at his Grandparents place and met Heidi and Kristy at the hospital.

Kristy suffered a concussion, some memory loss (at the time of the incident, she couldn’t recall anything that had happened over the last few days), but since then her memory has restored up until lunch-time on the day of the accident… but still can’t recall the afternoon, leaving work or anything to do with the crash or the night she spent in hospital.

She’s got some rather nasty looking facial injuries (black eyes, scratches from the broken glass and bruising) but the doctors have said they are all “superficial” meaning they should completely heal without major scarring.

Throughout the whole ordeal (and throughout the recovery process) Kristy has kept high spirits which is truly inspirational and I am eternally in debt to Heidi for all the help she provided at the scene of the accident and getting Kristy to the hospital.

Here’s some pic’s of the car:

barina1.JPG barina3.JPG barina8.JPG


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  1. Oh my God! How horrendous!!!! She is so bloody lucky – probably about the same time she had her accident there was something similar happened in South-West WA. A car hit a roo, which bounced off the front of his car and then into oncoming traffic. The roo then went through the windscreen of an oncoming car and killed the chap behind the wheel!!!!

    One of those freak accidents… people emigrating to Australia worry about snakes and spiders but it’s the bloody roos you’ve got to look out for!

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