How did people ever learn stuff before the Internet?


Ok… I know the title is a little deceiving – I am aware of the various ways people have gained knowledge such as schooling, books, guidance provided by elders or more experienced people etc. etc.

But how did people ever learn about the little things? Everyday I do a dozen or more random searches to find-out something that if the Internet didn’t exist I simply would never know because it’s probably too insignificant to actually go to a library and borrow a book about or look through the phone book to find someone knowledgeable to ask.

Although strangely enough, despite having a world of information at our fingertips, there seem to be more stupid people than ever.

The only explanations I can possibly come-up with is that:

  • Despite there being a lot of useful and beneficial information, there is just as much rubbish which will often distract or mislead people who otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to that information in the first place
  • Perhaps there are no more stupid people now than there were 50 years ago, but thanks to social media websites such as YouTube and the tabloid quality of investigative journalism, the stupid people are getting far more exposure than they ever have before
  • Further to the point above, stupidity has always been entertaining and is often the foundation to many a comedy skit, so due to the increased exposure and ease of being able to submit, upload and share your own stupid acts with the world, some people think that by being stupid it may bring stardom

Ironically, in the last point, the act of attempting to gain fame through stupidity is in itself quite stupid, but while reality TV and the internet exist, I doubt there will be an end to this.

That reminds me (about to take you on a journey through time and space… no actually just a tangent)… Reality TV.  I don’t know who’s reality it is, but I can’t recall the last time someone locked me in a house with a bunch of strangers and recorded my responses to daily challenges such as eating worms or pouring spiders on my head.

This isn’t reality – if you want reality, lock those same people in a house and then a week into the competition, broadcast an announcement to the ‘house’ that due to budget cuts the show will no longer be televised but because of state gaming legislation, they must remain in the house for the next two months without any of their antics being broadcast on national TV.  Then let the rest of the country watch the contestants thinking they aren’t being watched.

Ok, perhaps that wouldn’t be reality, but would still be very entertaining.  Either that or just stick nicotine patches to each of the contestants every night as they sleep without making them aware of it and then advise them the only beverages they are allowed to consume are highly caffeinated… sure the health risks are enormous, but that would make a great show.


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